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“Belloni Studio”stands out as an extremely innovative collection, in terms of design and manufacture. A perfect harmony in which canaletto walnut, one of the finest types of timber, integrates perfectly with carbon fiber, giving life to a line of contemporary furniture in wood and carbon exclusive for your spaces.

Furniture frames with smooth and slight lines, thanks to the properties of resistance and flexibility which are proper of composite materials.

A Belloni collection designed in a strive for evolution, which benefits from the awareness of a long-lasting mastery achieved throughout a centennial experience in woodworking, as well as a careful study of the evolution of raw materials.

Belloni Studio Collection is Belloni’s contemporary idea of furnishing. A combination of tradition and innovation which creates unique lines, marking out a strong design attitude.

A line of cozy furniture which suits your living and dining room but is also appropriate for your office needs.

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Modern design home furnishings


Belloni studio: a proposal of modern contemporary furniture, with a strong line that distinguishes each piece of the collection.

Extremely versatile and comfortable design table and chairs designed for everyday use and to furnish the dining area at its best.

In the living area we find the Composito sofa, comfortable, modular, design and above all adaptable to your needs. You can create infinite combinations to find the one that best suits your modern home furnishing needs.


Modern design office furniture

Belloni studio suits needs of who is looking for modern design office furniture.

For example you’ll find “Uovo” swivel armchair protagonist of the main seat, which can be coordinated with the Fibra armchairs ( inserire link interno).

Composito sofa and Distinta armchair are furnishings suitable for relaxing and reading area.

Proposals for a working area absolutely refined.


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