The fabrics and padding of the Belloni Studio furniture collection

 The quality of the padding of the Belloni line

The highest quality certified and guaranteed materials have been chosen for all the upholstered items in the Belloni studio line, to offer maximum comfort in total safety.

The padding used in our modern furniture collection is designed to obtain optimal and long-lasting support.

All padding materials are flame retardant certified.


Fabrics and leathers from the Belloni Studio furniture collection

Belloni for its contemporary furniture collection selects quality fabrics and leathers to ensure durability over time.

Having always worked with all the major Italian and foreign manufacturers of fabrics and leathers for furniture, we select materials that can fully enhance each product both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of comfort and durability.

We carry out a complete customization of each proposed item, so as to be able to create a piece of furniture that meets the customer’s taste. Full freedom of product customization, also offering the possibility to buy in c.o.m. , where the fabric is supplied directly by the customer.

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