Essenza pura e-bike was selected by ADI INDEX to compete for the XXVI Compasso d’Oro in the design section for mobility

In December 2019 it was awarded by the Lombardy region as a product “Excellence of Lombardy”

E-bike “Essenza pura”:tradition meets technology and design

a design e-bike: in legno noce canaletto, faggio e fibra di carbonio

A design e-bike with a clean line, frame completely in canaletto walnut and beech, reinforced with carbon fiber that guarantees strength and lightness. The future of electric mobility meets craftsmanship.

Essenza pura was born from an idea of ​​Antonio Belloni, architect, furniture maker, creator of the Belloni studio line and passionate about electric mobility and design. In 2018 he decided to combine within this project everything that best represents him, the technology that is linked to the tradition of wood craftsmanship. The result? An electric bicycle in wood and carbon fiber, with a unique and characteristic design.

Why Essenza Pura ?

“I chose this name for the triple meaning that the word Essence has for me.

Essenza recalls the essentiality, the purity of the lines and the simplicity, as a wood craftsman as I am by tradition, Essenza is the technical term that best represents the type of wood, finally, as if it reflected both these souls, in fact it is Essence of what most represents me: tradition combined with technology and design.

This for me is the sense of Essenza pura. “

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E-bike Essenza

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E-bike technical features

The main elements of Essenza Pura


The frame of our design e-bike is made of canaletto walnut and beech with 148/12 boost thru axle.

Internally reinforced with application of composite in the points of greatest load.

A frame with characteristics of resistance, elasticity and lightness that allow you to obtain a complete e-bike weighing 17.9 kg.

Electric engine

This e-bike in wood and carbon fiber is equipped with a 250W Fendt electric motor. It has a torsion and speed sensor. Engine power and maximum speed set at 25 km / h as per laws.


The Fendt battery pack that powers Pure Essence consists of Lithium-ion cells with a total capacity of 417 Watt / h and 36 volts.


The custom wheels of the Essenza Pura design e-bike have a diameter of 27.5 “, 6 rays and are made entirely of carbon fiber.


La forcella di Essenza pura è rigida e in fibra di carbonio (3K Twill) con perno passante di dimensione 100/15. 

The pure Essenza fork is full carbon fiber (3K Twill) with a 100/15 size thru axle.

Gear and brake

Pure essence chooses for its components the quality of the top of the range from Shimano.
It mounts a Shimano XT11 rear derailleur with 11/42 Cassette, and Shimano XT 180 front / 160 rear brakes.


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