The materials of the supports of the Belloni Studio furniture collection

Wood is the protagonist of Belloni’s  production

Wood has always been the protagonist of Belloni’s furniture.

With over 140 years of production, Belloni can boast an experience and a deep knowledge of the raw material, treated by applying the best cabinet making techniques learned from tradition and integrated with modern production processes.

Wood, in its numerous essences, is always used in our furnishings, and Belloni Studio has chosen Canaletto walnut as its main essence for its contemporary modern furnishing collection

Canaletto walnut (or American walnut) is a very precious wood, hard and with a particularly compact fiber.

Elegant wood with a flamed grain that sees an alternation of dark lines with lighter tones.

It is particularly suitable for modern furnishings, especially thanks to the matte finish that enhances the grain giving a natural and soft effect.

Used as needed both in solid wood and veneer, it gives the furnishings elegance and warmth thanks to its typical shades in warm tones.

For all its products, Belloni tries to best follow the concept of eco-sustainability, optimizes the use of materials to avoid waste as much as possible, and has always favored timber suppliers who respect environmental protection standards in every part of the world.

Struttura di sostegno in legno per i tavolini Belloni.

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Supporto in carbonio per realizzazioni di Belloni
Sedia design con fibra di carbonio.

How we use carbon fiber

The Belloni studio collection is mainly characterized by the use of carbon fiber.

This composite material, unusual in the furniture world, is integrated into this modern contemporary  furniture collection, making the most of its dynamic mechanical and aesthetic characteristics.

Carbon fiber is universally known for its strength and lightness, qualities that allow furniture to be made with very thin thicknesses, while ensuring the necessary resistance required of a piece of furniture.This feature is particularly evident in the Profilo table, where the top has a thickness of just few mm, or in the back of Fibra chair ,which despite being very thin, guarantees support and comfort thanks to the FCX system, a controlled flexibility system.

 The carbon fiber is applied in layers, positioned in a package that sees the alternation and overlapping of different Twills, in order to multiply the resistance to the forces of the panel itself.

 The charm and aesthetic value of this material is also undeniable. For this  modern design furniture collection, a matte finish has been proposed for a matte appearance, where the characteristic texture shines through and decorates the surfaces.

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