Where do you deliver?2021-03-08T11:04:32+01:00

We currently ensure worldwide delivery. Standard fees refer to ground floor delivery. In case you need particular arrangement (e.g. areas of difficult access, delivery to high levels etc.), or if you choose the “white gloves” service, you can communicate it while placing the order. The correspondent fee will appear in your payment form, allowing you to process the complete payment.


How much does delivery cost?2021-03-08T11:04:05+01:00

The cost of your delivery will be calculated during the purchase process, basing on your needs. You will see the fee specified in the payment form before placing the order.


What shall I do in the event of the delivery?2021-03-08T11:05:46+01:00

All our products come with a warranty. When goods are delivered, you are requested to check the packaging carefully to ensure there is no visible damage. In the event you notice any type of flaws, we kindly request you to take some pictures of the damaged parts and to report the issue in the delivery paperwork.

Can I track my order?2021-03-08T11:06:37+01:00

As soon as the order is ready for shipment, you will receive an email or telephone notice, and obtain full information about your delivery date options, to arrange further details and ensure you a flawless delivery process.

What payment methods do you accept?2021-03-08T11:10:32+01:00

You can pay through bank transfer, following these specs:

Name:                  Belloni s.r.l.
IBAN:                   IT92 N 05034 32480 000000006463

BIC:                      BAPPIT21B66

CC:                       6463

Description of payment: Here you must write your order’s ID number
Bank Name: Banca Popolare di Milano
Agency: Barlassina – Agency 116

We also accept credit card and Paypal payments

Why should I pay via bank transfer?2021-03-08T11:12:08+01:00
  • To save money: the only commission fee you will pay is the one due to the operation. Unlike the other methods, no extra-charge will be applied.
  • To avoid plafond limitation.
Return and refund of damaged goods: what shall I do?2021-03-08T11:14:01+01:00

To ensure our products meet all the standard specifications, during the packaging procedure all items are carefully checked by our Quality Control Department. Whenever any damage occurs, the customer must report the event via e-mail (info@bellonistudio.net), enclosing a suitable number of photos to illustrate the entity of the damage. Belloni s.r.l. will process your report and contact you to handle the problem. The shipping process will rely on specialists in the delivery of furniture, and we will include a shipping warranty. We kindly request you to check the packaging carefully as soon as it is delivered, and In the event you notice any type of flaws, to take some pictures of the damaged parts and to report the issue in the delivery paperwork.

Can I return something if I don’t like it?2021-03-08T11:14:45+01:00

If your furniture does not match your expectations, you can exercise your right of withdrawal, and be reimbursed of the amount of money correspondent to the purchase. (Shipping fees are borne by the customer) For further details, see the “Return Policy” section.

Do you offer a warranty?2021-03-08T11:15:36+01:00

Every Belloni s.r.l. is backed by a 2-year warranty, in compliance with the existing warranty laws

Will the furniture be assembled?2021-03-08T11:17:05+01:00

We normally dispatch assembled product. In the event a customer assembly is required (e.g. “Composito” sofa) you will be sent a complete manual of instruction and the necessary tools to perform the operation.  Belloni s.r.l. will not be responsible for any damage arising from the customer assembly process.

Do you have a showroom?2021-03-08T11:17:54+01:00

You can see all the Belloni Studio products at our showroom in Barlassina, Via Capuana 29. You can book a visit by calling our offices at ( +39) 0362 560388, or by contacting one of our official partners between those issued in the partners list.

What does C.O.M stand for?2021-03-08T11:18:42+01:00

It means that we allow the customer to finish their piece using self-provided fabric or leather. In case you want to benefit from the C.O.M. function, just deliver us the appropriate quantity of your own material in terms of length, to see it installed on your item.

Can I customise my product, choosing a color-variant fabric?2021-03-08T11:20:19+01:00

If you want to customize a product, choosing a color-variant of the standard fabric, you can contact us. We will show you a range of possibilities or propose you a valid alternative. In this case, the order will be placed through direct contact. We will send you a confirmation of your order as soon as your transfer is credited.

Is the color of the rear of a “fibra” chair customisable?2021-03-08T11:21:03+01:00

Yes, it is. You will be able to choose the RAL color you prefer. The chair will be manufactured following the agreed RAL sample. In this case, the order will be placed through direct contact. We will send you a confirmation of your order as soon as your transfer is credited.

Why do i have to wait between 60 and 90 days to have my goods delivered?2021-03-08T11:21:42+01:00

Belloni Studio normally starts processing your order the very day it gets issued. We do not keep any product in stock. Our products are 100% handcrafted and made in Italy, allowing us to monitor any stage in the cycle, and any customization procedure.

We will notify the ready-to-go status of your products in real time.

We calculate the span of time starting from the date your transfer is credited, considering a 5 standard-day working week.

Can I benefit from the “white gloves” service?2021-03-08T11:23:07+01:00

For delivery to some EU countries, it is possible to benefit from the White Gloves delivery service. Please check the delivery section to find out about availability in your country.

This service is inclusive of delivery to floor of choice, unpackaging, positioning of the furniture and packaging disposal.

How can I place my order?2021-03-09T15:36:45+01:00

You can place you order directly from our website, by choosing the quantity and –if available- the product variant you need. Simply click on the “Add to Cart” button and follow the step-to-step instruction given in the site. In case you opt for a custom-made variant, or if you need specific assistance to perfection your order, you can contact us by clicking on the “Custom-made order Info” button you can find in any page, or send us an email. Alternatively, you can contact us at (+39) 0362 560388, Monday to Friday 09:00/12:00 and 14:00/17:30 GMT+1: a sales officer will manage your ordes, perfectioning every detail and clarifying any possible doubt.

Can I edit my order once it has been placed?2021-03-08T11:25:15+01:00

Providing they have not been put into production, orders can be edited by e-mail or telephone call. Normally, the production cycle starts on the very day your payment is credited in our bank account.

Can I cancel my order once it has been placed?2021-03-08T11:25:56+01:00

You can cancel your order at any moment prior to the beginning of the production cycle, which normally starts on the very day your payment is credited in our bank account.

How can I access to further information in case of unexpected problems?2021-03-08T11:27:04+01:00

In the event of unexpected problems with your order, you can contact us by calling (+39) 0362 560388 or accessing the “Contact Us” form in our website.

What do you mean with “ground floor delivery”?2021-03-09T15:40:22+01:00

We mean your goods will be delivered to the address you provided at the time of placing your order, to ground floor. Whenever you need different arrangement, such as delivery to floor of choice etc., we kindly request you to specify it during the ordering procedure, to allow us to manage the delivery appropriately, and to calculate the correct fare.

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